Explanation of the Non-commercial OA Workflow

An infrastructure that supports academy-owned non-for-profit scholarly publishing model by providing technology and sharing knowledge that contributes to the sustainability of non-commercial Open Access. The goal of this tutorial is to understand the importance of XML JATS digital publishing technology and the advantages of its implementation.

1. Certification Course: The new model of electronic publishing and Redalyc 3.0: XML JATS markup

a. Session 1: From the surge of the electronic journal to the 3.0 journal

b. Session 2: What is the XML?

c. Session 3: XML JATS Markup System

d. Session 4: XML JATS in Redalyc

2. What is the XML JATS?

What is the XML JATS?

Markup Process

The goal is getting to know the XML JATS Markup System to increase content discoverability, optimize editorial processes and preserve knowledge for everyone.

1. Preparation of the XML JATS markup

Preparing an article

Preparing graphic material (figures, equations, tables)

Adding/Editing information about the fascicle or issue

Elements of the Table of Contents of a fascicle or issue

2. XML JATS markup

Adding/Uploading the article onto the tagging system

Tagging the article’s <front> Metadata

Tagging the article’s <back> Metadata (Bibliography, references, notes and appendices)

Tagging the <body> (Full text of the article)

XML JATS markup: Equations

XML JATS markup: Tables and charts

XML JATS markup: Figures and graphs

Verifying warnings and correcting errors in the tagging process

3. Display of output files

Article readers and output files

Markup software AmeliCA XML compliant with JATS standards is offered by AmeliCA to scholarly journals that promate a non-profit publishing model to preserve the scholarly and open nature of scientific communication. What AmeliCA XML and its reading added values (HTML, ePUB, intelligent viewer, mobile viewer, PDF) aim is to provide visibility to scientific knowledge and consolidate a digital scientific communication through cutting-edge publishing technology.

User manual

AmeliCA XML Markup System

November 2020